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Belt buckle in permabrass-plated metal.

& Reversible leather strap in Epsom calfskin.


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Size Chart
Belts are sized in centimeters. To determine your Hermès belt size, we recommend measuring your favorite belt from the buckle to the hole you use most (for example, if you measure 85cm from these 2 points your Hermès size is 85. Noting that 85cm is from the buckle hole to the middle hole on the Hermès belt strap, not the total length of the belt strap). Or, determine where you wear your belt most comfortably and measure. The Hermes Belt Size Chart counts for the three sizes of Belts of 24, 32 and 42mm width
US Belt Size European Belt Size International Size International Size [1]
(inches) (centimeters) Women Men
26” 65 XS
28” 70 XS/S
30” 75 S XS
32” 80 S/M S
34” 85 M M
36” 90 M/L M
38” 95 L L
40” 100 L/XL L
42” 105 XL XL
44” 110 2XL XL
46” 115 3XL 2XL
48” 120 3XL
50” 125 4XL