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Customs Duties & Taxes

Are the Customs Duties & VAT included in the Item Price?

The listed prices do not include any taxes such as VAT, Customs Duties, buyer may need to pay VAT, Custom Duties, as per actual, at the Destination.

When do I need to pay Customs Duties and taxes?

Customs and Duties are to be paid at the time of clearance once the item reaches the destination country. You will/may be contacted by the courier company to make the payment.

How much do I need to pay as Customs Duties and Taxes?

Customs and Duties taxes are levied by the customs officials based on the value, category, type of the item(s) purchased. The amount of duties differs for all countries, you may seek Internet Assistance to get an estimate of the Duties & Taxes applicable on Imports in your country.

What documents are required for Customs Clearance?

Orders can be held at customs for the requirement of Duties Levied and/or some additional documents such as Proof of Identity, Purchase and/or other Certificates. Buyer bears the responsibility for clearing the Duties, if any, and must provide the courier with necessary documents.

What is VAT?

A value-added tax or VAT is a type of consumption tax that is applied on all goods and services whenever value is added at any stage of production and at the point of retail sale.